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Poisonous Plants at Table
Saving His Life
Innocents Abroad
The Essence of Beeing
Ballet for Opening Day
$144 a Month
Within the Context of No Context
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Established in 1984, Sherwin Beach Press is a small fine press specializing in nonfiction prose. Thus far we have completed six books, The Essence of Beeing by Michael Lenehan, Within the Context of No Context by George Trow, $144 a Month by Steve Bogira, The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain, Ballet for Opening Day by Nelson Algren, and Poisonous Plants at Table, featuring "Prudence: The Cautionary Tale of a Picky Eater," by Audrey Niffenegger.

All of our books have been hand printed and hand bound. Three have been hand set, and three have been set by Monotype composition.

Sherwin Beach Press books have been widely exhibited in places like Santa Cruz, California; Verona, Italy; and Portland, Oregon. Some of the libraries which hold our books are Northwestern University, Stanford University, University of Chicago, National Library of New Zealand, University of Alberta, University of San Francisco, and University of Illinois at Chicago, as well as The Chicago Public Library, The Boston Public Library, The New York Public Library and The Library of Congress.

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