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The Essence of Beeing is an account, by Michael Lenehan, of two beekeepers: one who has hives on the roof of his apartment building in the city, and one who keeps bees on his farm in the country. In the process of describing the beekeepers and their work, the book tells a great deal of what is known about bees and honey. It was written by Michael Lenehan, executive editor of the Chicago Reader, where it appeared originally in 1977. Mr. Lenehan has contributed many pieces to the Reader during his more than 30-year association with it; he has also published elsewhere, notably in the Atlantic Monthly. Here, Alice Brown-Wagner has illustrated the text with drawings of the tools of beekeeping.

"The laid-back style of the narrative belies well-packed information....It is a delightful essay....Binding and type were well and sensibly chosen. Any beekeeper would enjoy this for a generous present—as has, indeed, this reviewer. Others may find it tempts them toward one of the world’s absorbing occupations."

—Colin Franklin, Bookways

The book was designed by Bob McCamant, hand set in 12 and 14 point Cooper Oldstyle by Alice Brown-Wagner, Kate Friedman, and Bob Mcamant, and printed on Fabriano Roma Michelangelo by Bob McCamant. It was casebound, cloth over boards, by Ann Repp, and has a dust jacket of blind-embossed Roma Raffaello. 45 pages, 9 1/4 x 12 inches. Published in 1992, numbered but not signed.


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