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Harbin house, from "Saving His Life"Irina and Nick, Harbin House, from "Saving His Life"Harbin House, from "Saving His Life"
The Cherniavsky home in Harbin, Manchuria, mid-1920s

Saving His Life
by Lee Sandlin, illustrated with family photographs from
the collection of Nina Sandlin.

Sandlin tells the story of the extraordinary life and bewildering illness of his father-in-law, Russian immigrant Nick Cherniavsky.

‘‘The defining event of Nick’s life happened before he was born. The Russian Revolution was one of those vast historical calamities that most Americans have been spared: it was a time when people who never thought of themselves as political, who never thought they’d have to choose sides about anything, were forced to make political choices that could easily cost them their homes, their families, and their lives. This was how it was for Nick’s parents.’’

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